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How Silver Bullion Can Protect Your Investment Portfolio

As fiat currencies face an uncertain future due to their unbridled generation by central banking systems, inflation spirals out of control. Inflation is caused by devaluation of these currencies, as they continue to be printed, artificially increasing their amounts on … Continue reading

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Silver and Other Precious Metals For Pension Protection

Taking into account the future payments required to make good on US public pensions, calculations indicate a projected shortfall of approximately $1.9 trillion. This increasing liability will eventually force both state and local government entities to dramatically reduce services and … Continue reading

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Market Swings Bring Silver Closer To The Buying Mark

Leaders from the European Union met in Brussels today, expected to hammer out the details of a program to address Greece’s debt crisis. Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel were expected to form a unified position with regard to the Greek … Continue reading

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