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Unbacked Greenbacks: Time To Pay The Piper

Mid-August 1971, marked a day in economic history that was bound to create problems down the road. August 15th of that year was the date that fiat currencies became uncoupled from the commodity that gave them tangible value. Prior to … Continue reading

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Third Time’s a Charm? History Shows Paper Currency Will Continue Downward Spiral

In 2011, global economies are struggling for a foothold to shore up their faltering paper currencies, while the public speculates about the fate of the money they have been led to believe is valuable. To those who were alive during … Continue reading

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Confiscation Of Real Wealth Disguised By Falling US Interest Rates

What does the very low setting of interest rate levels by the Federal Reserve really mean in terms of private investment? To discover the real answer, we must walk in our government’s well-heeled moccasins to understand how our out-of-control debt … Continue reading

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