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Silver And Taxation: Shelter From The Storm

Increased taxation is only one of the methods that lawmakers are currently considering as they attempt to bolster steadily dwindling public coffers. It’s no wonder that savvy investors often pour over current and prospective future tax codes to determine the … Continue reading

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Unique Silver Supply And Demand Ratios Indicate Likely Rise In Silver Prices

The volatility of silver in today’s marketplace has caused some to shy away from investing in it, despite its recent stellar investment performance. However, those who view silver as an investment just too risky to contemplate, are starting to look … Continue reading

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India’s Slide in Precious Metals Demand Could Provide Buying Opportunities For Global Investors

According to Rahul Khullar, India’s commerce minister, his country’s demand for precious metals seems to be slipping. Analysis from the third quarter of 2011 indicates that exports of gold and silver are currently outpacing imports, when measured against data taken … Continue reading

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