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Silver Investor Blog
  • The Silver Shield Xchange
    Hello Siverbugs (Goldbugs too)!! Our friend Chris Duane of Silver Shield has opened a Silver Exchange… The Silver Shield Xchange is by a peer-to-peer exchange for the people and is a way to exchange real value. Chris first informed us of this on April 5th and to the best of our knowledge the exchange is [...]

  • The Marginal Efficiency of Capital
    The Marginal Efficiency of Capital by Edward W. Fuller The following paper was written by a friend of TMR that occasionally helps with our research. by Edward W. Fuller The purpose of this paper is to explain the marginal efficiency of capital. The net present value diagram is derived and used to illustrate how the [...]

  • Are You Buying From Silver Users?
    Are You Buying From Silver Users? by Charles Savoie: Ted Butler’s latest suggestion about Suing JP Morgan and the COMEX has prompted these thoughts. My response at Gold Silver Worlds physical was this— “Ted is the best of the best explaining these nuts and bolts. But where is his grasp of monetary matters? I [...]

  • Gold, Empty Vaults, Pricing Mechanism and War
    This is an interview that conducted with Dave Kranzler. You probably know him as “Dave from Denver” or from his old website “Truth in” Dave’s new website is Investment Research Dave Kranzler of discusses the creeping police state, willful ignorance, precious metals and much more. “Dave from Denver” shares his insight on [...]

  • My Two Bits about Bitcoin
    My Two Bits about Bitcoin David Morgan Some have asked our view on Bitcoin, and my response is simply—I view these things from a Free Market perspective. I have often stated that “The Market knows more than any of us”. I would not want to be labeled a hypocrite by stating my conviction that the [...]

  • Argentina today – the U.S. tomorrow: Got gold and silver?
    David Smith on raido talks about his trip to Argentina. Listen here…