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1 oz Collectivism Kills Copper Round .999 Fine

Collectivism Kills 1 oz Copper Coin
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If there is one recurring theme throughout history it is that Collectivism Kills.

The basic formula behind the rise and and fall of any power it is that cunning men spread illusions down to the masses to get the masses to willingly sacrifice their blood, sweat and tears up to the leaders. 

These individuals in the masses give their attention, money, careers and often lives to the collective in reach of some utopian ideal that we are told if we all pull together we can get there.

It is not that these cunning men really control the masses, it is that we enable the cunning men in hopes of finding collectivist solution to collectivist problems.

What is often missing on the masses, is that almost without exception, those that are at the top of any collectivist organizations are the most cunning, power hungry individuals.  

These men at the top care not about ever reaching the intended goal and only revel in the profit and power these collective illusions bring them.

The formula is simple; cunning men spreading illusions to the masses, to get them to willingly sacrifice power up to the men behind the curtain.

A basic understanding of this formula is all that is needed to understand how wars, genocides and collapse of empires occur over and over again throughout history.

This formula is also the reason why all of human history seemingly repeats as humanity constantly looks for collectivist solutions to collectivist power.

Sadly, we will keep repeating this tragic story, until humanity grasps the notion that you cannot change the world to make yourself happy or free and that we must change ourselves to make the world happy and free.

The Silver Shield Collection has used the skull to truly represent the reality of many leaders that spread debt and death throughout the world.  

The 2017 Collectivism Kills shows the skull version of perhaps the largest mass murderer of Mao Zedong.  

His collective illusions of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution that he spread to the Chinese masses resulted in an estimated 50 million to 80 million deaths.

Mao could not accomplish this record Democide without throngs of willingly complicit masses that not only enabled Mao, but actually carried out his genocide behind him.

The Chinese writing across the top translates into "Collectivism Kills" and on Mao’s arm, it is "Debt and Death”


Weight: 1 Avoirdupois Ounce
Composition: .999 Fine Copper
Mint: Golden State Mint
Collection: Silver Shield
Condition: Mint Fresh
Diameter: 39.3 mm | 1.55"
Thickness: 3.31 mm | 0.130"
Edge Design: Reeded
Year: 2017
Packaging: 20 per tube | Singles in flips
Shipping: Free on orders over $500!

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