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2 oz Quadrivium MiniMintage BU Silver Round

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detail image 2 oz Silver Bullion Quadrivium MiniMintage at Golden State Mint by Silver Shield Obverse 2 oz Silver Bullion Quadrivium MiniMintage at Golden State Mint by Silver Shield Reverse
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Product Details

This MiniMintage item will only be available for a limited time, and all orders must be placed before the date listed. This product will not be minted and shipped until the sale has concluded. If any order placed contains a MiniMintage item, please be aware that there will be a delay on shipping all other items in your cart until the MiniMintage item is ready to ship. Payment on these orders must be made within the minimum days required for that payment type, regardless of shipping date. All orders are non-cancellable.

In order to break free of Hegelian Dialectic and collectivist control, the individual must break the binary input-output regurgitation of talking points, dead facts, and rules.

The first step to listen to all and follow none, is by introducing logic in between the input of what you are told and the output of what you are expected to say. The Trivium was the classic education of doing just that.

The Trivium was the classical educational practice of learning by questioning. It is vastly different from the indoctrination we have all received of input-output of dead facts regurgitated on to dead tests.

The Trivium consisted of a three-step process of Grammar, Logic, and Reason. Grammar is the observation of information. Logic is the process of relating that information to the individual. Rhetoric is expressing the information to others.

Once the individual has the tools to observe, apply logic and being able to express what was learned to others they then knew that process could help them learn deeper knowledge of the Quadrivium.

The Quadrivium consisted of the four arts of Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy. All of these arts essentially use math to express our place in the universe. It unveils the beautiful chaotic order and abundance of the universe.

The 2020 Silver Shield Quadrivium visually expresses four of the most outstanding men in their respective fields. Euclid the mathematician on the left. Archimedes the father of Geometry on the bottom. Beethoven the master of music on the right. And Issac Newton the astronomer at the top and he perhaps one of the smartest men of all time.

One aspect I put into the design was to relate these four disciplines into the Jungian archetypes of King Warrior Magician and Lover. I felt the mathematician was the blunt edge warrior of a man finding his place in the world. That geometry was a Magician energy and practical application of math into the world through creation. Music is without question a Lover energy. Astronomy is King energy of relating man to the universe.

This Quadrivium BUwill only be available for one week only and will surely be a prized collector's piece in anyone’s collection for years to come.

About Silver Shield MiniMintage Strategy
The Silver Shield MiniMintage strategy seeks to combine undervalued silver with meaningful designs, limited mintage, certificates of authenticity, in a growing series with direct to consumer prices. All told this will provide the best bang for your buck in the entire silver market!

The Silver Shield BU MiniMintage strategy is based off of a proven formula to produce the BEST Return on Investment in silver! For years, Silver Shield Proof MicroMintages have been offered to the private Silver Shield Group at direct to consumer prices and have always gone up in value. This is simply because those that buy usually hold on to their MicroMintages and very few reach the secondary markets of FeeBay. The ones that do reach those markets, tend to get bid up in value knowing so few of them will ever come on to the secondary market. Most Silver Shield MicroMintages seem to nearly double in value within a year, with more than a few going up 5x to 15x the original purchase price!

This NEW Silver Shield BU MiniMintage will offer direct to consumer pricing formula. We will offer very competitive prices to the government’s silver with dedicated mint runs to provide the most value to the silver stackers.

Silver Shield is historically significant, meaningful art on eternal silver. No fuzzy animals, government propaganda or elitist Queens on our silver. Silver Shield seeks to expose the truth about the Debt and Death Paradigm and offer a individual, conscious solution to these unconscious collectivist problems. Now you will have silver that resonates with the truth of the times and your highest and best self.

The next HUGE value we provide with Silver Shield MiniMintage is LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Unlike the millions of Eagles and Maple Leafs that run off the government presses every year after year with the same ole’ design, we will offer something new every week for the same price or better than the government mints. This is truly exciting private solution to the boring government silver.

Growing Semi-Numismatic premiums. The MiniMintage provides a natural collectability that builds numismatic value over time that the government mints simply cannot touch. For the same or better price you could buy one of the hundreds of millions ounces of Eagles or Maple Leafs, you can now get a limited release Silver Shield MiniMintage. Each MiniMintage is pre-sold and then all orders are run at once. This ensures no huge unsold inventory that typically plagues the government mint programs and suppresses collectors premiums.

This is not brain surgery... why would there ever be a growing collectors premium on similarly priced Silver Eagles or Maples Leafs when they make hundreds of millions of them?! Silver Shield is going to provide many small runs of new and meaningful designs. Over time collectors will search for complete sets and search for each of these MiniMintages. While we cannot guarantee the same kind of return we have seen in the Silver Shield Proof MicroMintage strategy, it will certainly be the best bang for your buck versus comparable priced government mint releases.

Certificates of Authenticity on BU? Yes, we are doing that too! We will not only be offering unique Certificates of Authenticity, but they will have exact mintages on them. Most other premium COAs will have a unique number on it but very few have the total run of the mintage too. Since this will be done as a a one and done MiniMintage we will provide you the exact COA number inside the complete run.
All of these factors combine into a tremendous value we hope you will look forward to every week as we release more exciting Silver Shield MiniMintages in the future.
Thank you!


Any views and opinions expressed on this page are not those held by Golden State Mint. The promotional material for this item has been supplied by the designer of this collection. All data and information provided is intended solely for informative purposes and is not intended to be considered individualized advice or investment recommendations. You understand that you are using any and all information available on or through this site at your own risk.


Weight: 2 Troy Ounce
Composition: .999 Fine Silver
Mint: Golden State Mint
Collection: Silver Shield
Condition: Mint Fresh | Bullion Strike (may have minor imperfections)
Diameter (≈): 47 mm | 1.85"
Thickness (≈): 3.96 mm |0.16"
Edge Design: Reeded
Year: 2020
IRA Approved: Yes
Packaging: Certificate of Authenticity included | 25 per tube | Sinles in flips
Shipping: Free on orders over $99!

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