Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my price locked in for?

In order to reserve your guaranteed price, your payment must be received within the payment types' allotted time frame or our market loss policy cancellation fee will be assessed.

  • Bank wires must be received by GSM within thirty-six (36) hours from when the order was placed.
  • Mailed checks must be received within ten (10) days from when the order was placed.
  • Online checks and accompanying verification information must be submitted within thirty-six (36) hours from when the order was placed.

When is my price locked in?

The price for your purchase will be locked in once the order has been submitted, either via online or over the phone, and you have received a confirmation email.

What does "spot price" mean?

The spot price of gold/silver is the current market price for a troy ounce of gold/silver. The price is influenced by fluctuations in the markets, currency values, current events, and many other factors. These prices are constantly calculated during market hours, and a Live Metals Feed can be found on our homepage.

How are prices determined?

Prices for gold and silver products are determined by taking their spot price, and adding our premiums for each product.