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Below you will find a wide range of collections, with ever-growing product designs. Within each collection you will find a design, or group of designs, in a variety of sizes. Our collections offer .999 fine copper bullion rounds and proofs, .999 fine silver bullion rounds and proofs, and .9999 gold bullion rounds. Whether you are looking to add to your own collection, or are looking to invest, you are sure to find a design that appeals to you. Buying from Golden State Mint means buying direct from the mint. There are no middle-men, no extra fees, and you get the assured security and peace of mind that comes from knowing every order is minted fresh. Your product will be brand new and a genuine article that we know you will love.
Incuse Indians
Incuse Indians 9 products
Buffalo Rounds
Buffalo Rounds 31 products
Walking Liberty
Walking Liberty 6 products
Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac 17 products
American Indian
American Indian 16 products
Silver Shield Collection
Crescent City Silver
United States Mint
United States Mint 6 products
Royal Canadian Mint
Royal Canadian Mint 6 products

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