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Customer Testimonials

I've purchased from APMEX, MoneyMetalsExchange, MilesFranklin & Provident all in the past. Have frequented your site numerous times in the past but never pulled the trigger. I must say, after today, I will be making more purchases from GSM! Love the site, love the deals, and THANK YOU for offering the military discount; can't wait to apply it on a future purchase.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, God Bless You.


Many thanks to Golden State Mint for the affordable international shipping rates (only $35 USD) for the 45 oz. of Silver Shield rounds that I order 2-3 times each month to resell on Ebay Australia.

I really appreciate that GSM provides the means and affordability to make such beautiful Silver Art Rounds available to all the collectors of Silver Shield in Australia. I also have my eye on your other rounds too, top quality at a great price.

The variety of rounds that GSM produces are amazing and attract higher premiums and hands down beat all the native animals from the Perth Mint. Cheers from Down Under

Toni Peterson ... Mint Silver Coins ... Australia

I just received my very first timely shipment from GSM. So pleased... Right down to the secure packaging. And the service, of course, everything. Thank you so much. You've got faithful customer from here on in. :)

James W.

I received another perfectly executed shipment today and I could not be any more pleased with the product, the packaging and the professional folks at GSM.


Great company, friendly customer service, Quality metals. I received an order today, Beautiful silver. Packaging was perfect. Will buy again. Thank You GSM and the people behind the scenes.


I ordered the random copper and was thrilled GSM took the time to give me a mix. I know it is not promised but very pleased at the variety. Thanks GSM


I have been buying from GSM for over a year now, Excellent Customer Service! My Favorite Online Bullion Dealer!


Ordered two rounds a silver standing liberty and a copper SL. Came very well packed and the rounds in slips. Beautiful quality and very shiny and detailed. Will buy again. Great deal.


The service offered by GSM is superior to every other precious metal supplier. Even more impressive is GSM's dedication to spread truth and wisdom. For this reason I'll be continually supporting Silver Shield and have been impressed with everyone I've had contact with from GSM.
Keep up the amazing effort!

G from OZ

This June 2018 will be one year I have been purchasing from GSM. I have not had any issues with packaging or delays in shipment or lost packages. Great job GSM and keep up the good work. Purchasing precious metals through online retailers should be an easy and friendly process. Any company that can deliver good service will always retain customers. GSM Rocks!