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Customer Testimonials

I've purchased from APMEX, MoneyMetalsExchange, MilesFranklin & Provident all in the past. Have frequented your site numerous times in the past but never pulled the trigger. I must say, after today, I will be making more purchases from GSM! Love the site, love the deals, and THANK YOU for offering the military discount; can't wait to apply it on a future purchase.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, God Bless You.


As much as I try to buy silver at spot I cannot be more happy with GSM products. I just got my 5 oz silver Lincoln penny and it's my favorite piece of silver I own. It's just gorgeous I wish I could have bought a hundred. Just great designs, and what's better than silver... Nothing

Eric M

Very pleased with the quality and inovative designs of the silver and copper rounds. I received my order fast and well packaged. Looking forward to buying some more soon.


I've spent a lot of money at Golden State Mint over the years... and never disappointed with the product or service.
My favorite is the incused Indian design and it is available in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 5 oz. sizes.
Any chance of a 10 oz. or 1 kilo incuse Indian coin in the future? Please......


Wow! Very impressive. Excellent pricing. Timely order processing for initial payment by check. Probably the best packaging imaginable. Even if the USPS dropped the 16+ lb packages several times from several feet above, I am sure the contents would have been fine! My first (two) orders of what will surely be many more. Wishing you guys continuing success!

- Νίκοc


Thank you...as always reliable and fast shipping of beautifully struck coins. Thanks, Fred

Fred in Gainesville, Florida

I received my shipment today. Very satisfied. Quick service. I will buy again. Thank you so much,Joe


I received another safely and securely packaged shipment today, along with the stellar service I've now come to expect from GSM. Thanks again.

James Williamson

Many thanks to Golden State Mint for the affordable international shipping rates (only $35 USD) for the 45 oz. of Silver Shield rounds that I order 2-3 times each month to resell on Ebay Australia.

I really appreciate that GSM provides the means and affordability to make such beautiful Silver Art Rounds available to all the collectors of Silver Shield in Australia. I also have my eye on your other rounds too, top quality at a great price.

The variety of rounds that GSM produces are amazing and attract higher premiums and hands down beat all the native animals from the Perth Mint. Cheers from Down Under

Toni Peterson ... Mint Silver Coins ... Australia

I just received my very first timely shipment from GSM. So pleased... Right down to the secure packaging. And the service, of course, everything. Thank you so much. You've got faithful customer from here on in. :)

James W.