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Customer Testimonials

"To Whom it May Concern,
I hereby highly endorse Jim Pavlakos' Golden State Mint as one of my top suppliers. His turn around times have been fast, his product has been excellent, and his skills as a private mint to mint various different designs have exceeded our expectations.
Fast: Jim has, on occasion, been able to sell us the commonly manufactured silver Buffaloes in as little as 2 days. Jim has been able to start an entire print run of a new silver round design in less than a week.
Excellent product: Jim manufactures all our custom coin designs.

Excellent prices: In many cases, Jim's prices have been the lowest in the entire industry, even when other people were selling silver for 2-6 month delivery, Jim had both lower prices, and faster delivery, a combination that cannot be beat.
I highly recommend Jim Pavlakos for all your minting or precious metals investing needs".

Jason Hommel

Jason Hommel
(owner & creator of Silver Stock Report)

"I just want to thank you for my recent order. I especially like the Morgan & Standing Liberty rounds. Being a retired businessman myself, I truly appreciate the honesty, quality, courtesy & promptness that your firm has shown me. Very rarely in today’s world do you see all of these virtues in a transaction. Especially appreciated is the price & quality of your products.

Keep up the good work, America needs more businesses like yours."

Don H

"We received our silver rounds the other day and were very impressed with the product and service. We have been purchasing silver for several years now. We have found your service and pricing to be the best in the industry. We will recommend you to our friends. Thank you for taking such good care of us."

Frank and C. W. of Ohio

"Received 500 oz of Buffalo and 500 oz of Indians. Love them.
The Morgans arrived today and you have exceeded my expectations. The Morgans are fully proof and the dies must have been polished to provide the blazing black and white contrast. They look great even in low light. I love them best of all. Thanks!"

George Z. of SC

"Who is Jim Pavlakos and why am I recommending him? Jim manufactures all our custom coin designs. Jim came through for me months ago, when all the other mints were backlogged and could not deliver on time. Jim has always delivered on time, or faster than I expected. One time, I ordered silver rounds from him, and he had them in the mail later that same day! From a Mint!"

Jason Hommel
(owner and creator of Silver Stock Report)

"I came to Golden State Mint after paying ridiculous premiums elsewhere for silver rounds. GSM actually stamps silver rounds in-house with their own high-speed equipment to provide nearly the lowest price to the public anywhere for brand new product. Originally a fan of their 1 oz. silver Buffalo Round, I now favor their Incuse Indian (tribute) 1 oz. silver round which has quite a remarkable imprint striking (as opposed to having a raised image) with the image lines shining beautifully, in bright contrast to the matte finish of the field. I also believe the design of this coin makes it far more durable, in case of accidental dings or scratches. I've not seen anything else like it anywhere.

Jim and Andrew Pavlakos have shown me the highest integrity (and courtesy) imaginable in our dealings. They offer a very good price, for a satisfactory product, shipped immediately, with no problems. I’m accumulating more silver, faster, by buying at Golden State Mint. I expect to choose GSM silver rounds from now on."

Kelly K

"Hi Jim & Andrew,
I received my 1 oz. silver rounds this morning. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of these silver rounds. These are beautiful rounds. You should be very proud of the quality and workmanship that goes into minting these silver rounds.

I still can't get over how fast your service is. From receipt of my bank wire, these rounds were sent out the same day, and received 2 days later. Your company is wonderful. After 2 1/2 months, I'm still waiting for my order from Northwest Territorial Mint.

I plan on doing a lot more business with you in the near future."

George Wilmot
(All Seasons Survival)

"I wanted to thank Golden State Mint for a perfect first time buyers experience. Speaking with Jim was great and he was very helpful and ensured a quick delivery. My rounds came as expected, beautiful and on time in only a few days.

This was as simple and stress free as it gets and I will for sure be looking to conduct future business with you. Thanks again for running a great product and company."


Hi Jim and Andrew, My last shipment is all in. You guys are the best!
Customer service is OUTSTANDING !!!!!
Thanks for everything you do.


I am very pleased with my order from GSM they are very fast with there shipping once payment is received. The quality of there product is second to none I would recommend there services to any one, they may do many large orders, however they pay an extreme amount detail to all there orders, my one oz buffalo's are just brilliant. GSM produces a magnificent product at a relatively low price I payed .89 cents over spot for the product for shipping, and peace of mind, I will continue to do business with Jim and Andrew in the future.