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Customer Testimonials

I can,t think of a better experience in purchasing over the internet than your personal involvement in working with me on my recent silver conversion. Your walking me through each step of the process from my sending to my receiving went like clockwork. I think what impressed me most is your attitude toward customer service.You left me with the feeling you would bend over backward to please me. I am very happy with the product I received.


"I just wanted to tell you that we received the two parcels of silver. My son called me at work to describe the packaging. When I came home, he greeted me with two specimens of the Indian/Buffalo round (one was from another mint). He only showed me the Obverse of each and, without knowing which was which, I chose the Golden State Mint round without hesitation - the mint quality was obviously far superior.

Most respectfully, my son and I thank you both for an excellent product, a surprising turnaround time, and a parcel packaging that demonstrates care and professionalism. You have all my future silver business."

Chris M.

"I have been doing business with Golden State Mint and they are one of our preferred dealers for precious metals.

This week we want to feature their fractional ounce silver products. However, they can provide almost any precious metals product. Being a mint they can also turn bullion bars into rounds if you so desire. I have done so in the past, and am presently working on a Silver Investor round. Dealing directly with the Mint enables you to eliminate the middlemen. Get more value for your dollar and receive your product faster!

The Golden State Mint is a full-service mint. They melt, extrude, and strike silver rounds on site daily! With their high-volume production facility they are enabled to provide customers with the most competitive pricing and fastest deliveries in the industry. They have been in the business of precious metals, refining and minting for over 30 years, and will give you total reliability and confidence."

David Morgan
(Silver Investor & The Morgan Report)

"I received the remainder of the silver yesterday without event. Looking over the whole process I am amazed at both the quality of the product and the quality and speed of the service! Obviously, silver will not stay fresh and bright forever, but becomes toned with exposure to the environment. But those tarnished bars (at least I imagine them being heavily toned, if they are like the ones I have seen) from the Scotia Mocatta depository in Jamaica, NY have now begotten all these sparkling new rounds. I remember when I saw my first 1,000 rounds... I was stunned that one could get that many discs out of one Comex bar. Of course, I know that a 1,000-oz bar yields 1,000 1-oz rounds, but when you look at the pile of rounds, it doesn't seem possible that they could be cut from just that one big bar.

Andrew told me that once my silver was out of the warehouse in Jamaica, I wouldn't have a thing to worry about. You have proven Andrew correct. Thanks for taking superb care of me. The LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you."

H.E. of Raleigh, NC

"Upon recommendation by my financial advisor, I contacted Golden State Mint about converting my Comex silver bars. Although I was initially a bit apprehensive about dealing with a mint, I found it a tremendous relief to work with someone who has such integrity. Since I was someone unfamiliar with many aspects of the minting process and had only a few bars, I was pleasantly surprised at the importance Jim placed on my order and the timeliness in which he completed it. He was extremely knowledgeable in pointing me in the right direction to help me convert my 1,000 oz. bars into 1 oz. rounds, thereby increasing the value of my silver by $0.65/ oz., and that was after minting costs! Jim Pavlakos at Golden State Mint makes minting your own coins a breeze! His experience and business sense is refreshingly complimented by his heartfelt caring. I truly recommend Jim and GSM for anyone interested in increasing the value of their precious metals and financial independence. Thanks Jim for all you do!"


"Time moves so fast and today after speaking with you I began to think back to '09 realizing it was one of my most fortunate years. It was during the latter part of that year I learned about you and Golden State Mint. I mentioned to you early on that it was a conversation I had with David Morgan where he spoke so highly of your work that prompted me to call you. Since David is someone whose credentials and integrity are of the highest, I pay attention to what he says. So I thought I would drop you a note to tell you that from our very first phone call I have been continually impressed by you, your products, and your services.

I have been more than pleased with the quality of your program of bullion conversion into silver rounds and equally impressed with the ease of doing business. No hassles, no delays, no excuses....great prices and superior service, why would I ever buy from anyone else?

It was good speaking with you today. I was reminded that both you and Andrew are such professionals; thorough, genuine and consistent in delivering what you promise, when you promise it. And those are qualities money can't buy."

Jenny L.

"I spoke with Andrew Pavlakos about purchasing silver bullion coins last month. His attention to detail and follow through on my purchase of my silver, will make this the company I will deal with in my future purchases.

Thanks again,"

Morris M.

"To Whom it May Concern,
I hereby highly endorse Jim Pavlakos' Golden State Mint as one of my top suppliers. His turn around times have been fast, his product has been excellent, and his skills as a private mint to mint various different designs have exceeded our expectations.
Fast: Jim has, on occasion, been able to sell us the commonly manufactured silver Buffaloes in as little as 2 days. Jim has been able to start an entire print run of a new silver round design in less than a week.
Excellent product: Jim manufactures all our custom coin designs.

Excellent prices: In many cases, Jim's prices have been the lowest in the entire industry, even when other people were selling silver for 2-6 month delivery, Jim had both lower prices, and faster delivery, a combination that cannot be beat.
I highly recommend Jim Pavlakos for all your minting or precious metals investing needs".

Jason Hommel

Jason Hommel
(owner & creator of Silver Stock Report)

"I just want to thank you for my recent order. I especially like the Morgan & Standing Liberty rounds. Being a retired businessman myself, I truly appreciate the honesty, quality, courtesy & promptness that your firm has shown me. Very rarely in today’s world do you see all of these virtues in a transaction. Especially appreciated is the price & quality of your products.

Keep up the good work, America needs more businesses like yours."

Don H

"We received our silver rounds the other day and were very impressed with the product and service. We have been purchasing silver for several years now. We have found your service and pricing to be the best in the industry. We will recommend you to our friends. Thank you for taking such good care of us."

Frank and C. W. of Ohio