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Bullion to Silver Round Conversion Program

The Golden State Mint is proud to offer our Bullion Conversion Program. Total cost per ounce of $0.90 in 1,000 oz or more quantity (smaller quantities slightly more); including fully insured shipping of the newly-minted Silver Rounds back to you. Upon delivery, we will accept your 10 ounce, 100 ounce, and 1,000 ounce silver bars, whether new or heavily tarnished, and convert the bars into your choice of beautiful Incuse Indian or Buffalo Silver Rounds (or both). We will then ship the newly-minted Silver Rounds back to you, fully insured, in tubes of 20x coins each in industry-standard 500x count boxes.

For additional customer convenience, we are now offering to mint your rounds without any cash payment required. Simply send us your silver bars, and we’ll quickly return your new rounds less the equivalent value of minting charges. No cash outlay is required on your part.

If you have received or are going to receive 1,000 oz. Comex Silver bars from the HSBC Bullion Storage facility in New York City, we can arrange to have the bars shipped directly to our Mint for conversion. This saves you the not-insignificant cost and hassle of attempting to ship these bars via the U.S. Postal Service to an eventual buyer in the future; the Silver Rounds can easily be shipped at a later date using the Flat Rate Box service at U.S.P.S. under Registered Mail. Not to mention ... some of these Comex bars are pretty beaten up and not at all attractive with usually heavy toning. Also, for many it is difficult to liquidate them at a fair rate. Guaranteed fast delivery by insured mail. All products are struck in .999+ Fine Silver.