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Silver Get Some (BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE)

I was going to address another matter today, but given some of the news I’ve seen, (and the latest ‘lies’ from Barry during his infomercial last night) I felt some urgency to cover this topic. Being pro life does include assisting those alive, and there is ample evidence that matters are ready to get very dicey, and preparation needs to happen now.

I have been studying God’s money for several years, and have done for myself all the recommendations that will follow. One cannot lead without going first, and one cannot teach without practical knowledge of the subject discussed. I also recommend you do some research, and I will give the best sources I know, that will save time.

Silver has historically, been the preferred money of the common man. It is true that gold is ‘the money of kings’ but silver is the money of everyday commerce and the common man’s means of acquiring his daily bread. Silver and gold have an intrinsic appeal to man universally, and this is easily explained by God instilling this sense in us. Hold out a 1 ounce American Eagle and a dollar bill (FRN) and a child will always take the coin.

Silver and gold are so universally accepted that military pilots are given gold coins, and not a stack of FRN’s in case of being behind enemy lines, and needing to acquire goods or services. Also, the government has recently banned significant amounts of Gold from being expatriated overseas in accounts, as even the government has recognized the universality of the metal.

Despite the fact gold is a great investment, and hedge against inflation, silver will be by far, the greater mover of the two metals. Why is this? First of all, the gold to silver ratio currently is 60:1, when throughout history, has been more like 15:1, as it occurs in nature. This represents potential 4 times the return than gold in this bull market.

Secondly, most of the gold mined throughout history is still available in some above ground form, while most of the silver mined throughout history has been irrevocably lost through industrial processes. There is an estimated 1 billion ounces in bullion form of silver, as opposed to about 5 billion ounces in bullion form of gold. This will lead to a significant shortage of silver, when industrial users can no longer acquire the physical metals. When this event occurs, the price spike will be breathtaking, and will be discussed for decades to come (if we are still here) as the greatest bubble of all time.

Third, silver is no one’s liability and is payment in full when utilized. Silver has no serial number on it, or RFD chips, so no one will be able to control the use of silver when exchanged in commerce. Due to its universal appeal, it will be readily accepted in the near future as a medium of exchange and we will all soon be experts on this ‘barbarous relic’.

There are more points I could make about silver, but the point of this post is to do some initial education about this form of money, but I also want to offer a solution for part of the tumultuous times ready to visit us. All need to do some due diligence on this subject.

I am asked “How high do you think silver will go” Ultimately I don’t know, but I will give you something to think about. A Denarius was considered a day’s wage for a soldier, and many different sources seem to agree that it was about 1/10 ounce of silver. Consider what a soldier makes today, and a one ounce American Eagle would suffice to be about 2 weeks worth of pay. Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver, and this silver was used to purchase a piece of property outside the walls of Jerusalem (land was not cheap there). You decide what the value would be.

We know what the value will be in the future, as the Bible tells us. Revelation 6:6: "And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius and do not damage the oil and the wine.'" Food will be scarce, and this will be a day’s wages.

Silver is currently trading a little over $16 an ounce, and the average worker would be able to purchase 8-10 oz per day. I would say that historically, this is truly a steal. I believe by the time this bubble ends, the price for silver will be MULTIPLES over the cost of a day’s wages

I am placing a link to Ted Butler’s latest article about silver. In my opinion, Ted Butler is the most knowledgeable individual on the planet concerning silver. I’ve been reading his missives for years, and this man has no equal when taking into considerations his predictions and work on the silver markets. It would be very unwise to read his materials, and then do nothing. Whatever you do, at least consider the facts mentioned here and make at least some rudimentary plans for yourself and family. I will also give links to places to acquire silver and I have found both places to be fair and honorable in their dealings.