Additional Quantitative Easing Certain to Stifle Fiat Valuation

A recent speech by Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, seems to indicate that additional monetary easing is on the horizon for the European Union. Draghi’s comments included the phrase “do whatever it takes,” in reference to alleviating the European debt crisis, leading many to believe that sovereign currency printing presses may again be called to action.

Europe’s refusal to monetize the debt load of Spain and Greece is expected to force these nations to activate fiscal cuts, but more action may be needed. Adding to the flurry of financial central planning, the US has now moved their third Quantitative Easing time table forward by one month.

These actions on the part of Central Banks only delay the inevitable. The Fed could put Americans in a position of facing a veritable “ground zero” of monetary easing. The implications of ramping up currency printing are financial Armageddon. By keeping the specter of infinite Quantitative Easing on the table, the US may never close the door to debased GDP targeting.

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